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  • What is Showtime Performing Arts Insurance?

    Showtime Performing Arts Insurance is a bespoke insurance policy designed with the practitioners of the performance arts in mind. The policy has been created by industry specialist brokers, Hencilla Canworth, in conjunction with Hiscox Insurance.

  • Who can apply for cover?

    Showtime Performing Arts Insurance is designed to cater for the needs of all sectors of the performing arts from individual performers all the way up to large-scale productions.

    Specifically the policy has been created for

    • Theatre groups, production companies, workshops and schools
    • Circus groups, production companies, workshops and schools
    • Dance troupes, production companies, dance workshops and schools
    • Musicians, bands and orchestras
    • Concert production companies
    • Orchestral productions
    • Disc Jockeys
    • Variety acts
    • Cruise ships entertainers
    • Recording studios and rehearsal rooms
    • Historical re-enactment groups
    • Film & television production companies with an annual turnover up to £250,000

    Other trades can be considered upon request.

  • What cover is available under the Showtime Performing Arts Insurance policy?

    The Showtime Performing Arts Insurance policy is a modular policy, which means you only select the sections of cover that you actually want. There are no compulsory sections of cover but some sections are only available in conjunction with other sections.

    The available sections of cover are:

    • Public & Products Liability
    • Employers Liability
    • Technical & Portable Equipment (Owned or Hired)
    • Business Contents Insurance
    • Equipment Breakdown
    • Buildings Insurance
    • Business Interruption
    • Internet & E-mail cover
    • Terrorism
    • BusinessHR

    Download a copy of the Policy Wording or Key Facts Policy Summary.

  • Part of my performance includes the use of fire &/or pyrotechnics, can I still apply for cover?


    The use of fire or pyrotechnics needs to be disclosed to the insurer, so you must have told us about it, and an additional premium may be charged.

    In addition, you would need to comply with the Fire & Pyrotechnics Policy Conditions – click here for more information.

  • Part of my performance includes aerial work above 3 metres, can I still apply for cover?


    Performances or other work, such as rigging, that take place more than 3 metres above ground level (floor level when inside a building) needs to be disclosed to the insurer, so for cover to apply you must have told us about it. An additional premium may be charged.

  • Part of my business includes non-performing arts related activities, can I still apply for cover?

    We can consider non performing arts related activities upon request provided that performing arts form the majority of what you do.

    Please contact us us to discuss your requirements.

  • What activities would not be covered by the Showtime Performing Arts Insurance policy?

    We would not be able to provide quotations under Showtime Performing Arts Insurance for any of the following activities:

    • Adult (erotic) entertainment
    • Stage hypnotists
    • Rigging and crew as a separate trade
    • Scenery and set builders as a separate trade
    • Special effects or pyrotechnics as a separate trade
    • Television broadcasters
    • Night club event organisers / promoters

    Although the above trades are not eligible for the Showtime Performing Arts Insurance policy, Hencilla Canworth may be able to assist by arranging appropriate cover with other insurers and we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

  • Is cover available for a one-off performance or tour?

    Yes, cover can be purchased either annually or for a one-off performance or a scheduled tour of performances.

    If your situation changes during the course of the policy, please let us know.

  • People who work for me are all self-employed, do I still requires Employers’ Liability Insurance?

    If they are working under your supervision and control then yes.

    Employers Liability Insurance is a legally compulsory insurance that all employers must purchase to cover themselves against claims brought against them by their ‘employees’ following an accident connected to their employment. The legislation governing this is the Employers Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969.

    However who is regarded as an ‘employee’ under the act is wider than just someone working for you under a contract of employment or someone for whom you deduct PAYE income tax and the definition of an ‘employee’ within insurance policies reflect this. The definition used within the Showtime Performing Arts Insurance policy is:

    Any person normally resident in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or Republic of Ireland working for you in connection with your business who is:

    a. employed by you under a contract of service or apprenticeship;
    b. hired to or borrowed by you;
    c. self-employed and working on a labour-only basis under your control or supervision;
    d. engaged by labour-only sub-contractors;
    e. a labour master or a person supplied by him;
    f. engaged under a work experience or training scheme;
    g. a voluntary helper.

    Further guidance on Employers Liability can be found on the HSE website: http://www.hse.gov.uk/Pubns/hse40.pdf.

  • Who are the underwriters of the Showtime Performing Arts Insurance policy?

    The Showtime Performing Arts Insurance policy is underwritten by Hiscox Insurance Company Ltd.

    Hiscox are a globally respected insurance and reinsurance group with a long history and expertise in providing specialist insurance products. They have an annual premium income in excess of £1.75bn and are rated A+ (Strong) by Fitch, A (Excellent) by A.M. Best and A (Strong) by Standard & Poor.

    Claims service is the heart of their business and their claims philosophy is that superior claims handling should be based on fairness and common sense. They are committed to providing an extraordinary quality of service and have won numerous awards for such down the years.

    More information about Hiscox can be found on their website: www.hiscoxgroup.com.

  • Who are Hencilla Canworth?

    Hencilla Canworth are an insurance intermediary with a specialism in the arts.

    Founded in 1981, Hencilla have a long history of arranging bespoke insurance solutions and pride themselves on the quality of their advice and the friendliness of their service.

    Trading as First Act Insurance, Hencilla are the recommended insurance broker to British Actors Equity and have arranged the members’ suite of insurances since 1995. They are also the recommended insurance brokers to the Musicians Union and BECTU as well as more than a dozen arts trade associations.

    In addition to the Showtime Performing Arts Insurance policy, Hencilla can offer advice on numerous other insurance products, including:

    • Cancellation & Abandonment Insurance
    • Professional Indemnity Insurance
    • Business Travel Insurance
    • Musical Instrument Insurance
    • Personal Accident Insurance / Income Protection cover
    • Legal Expenses Insurance
    • Directors & Officers Liability / Trustees Indemnity Insurance
    • Media Freelance Insurance
    • Artists Insurance
    • Creative Freelance Insurance
    • Property Owners Insurance
    • Motor Fleet Insurance
    • Home Insurance (including home teaching cover)
    • Private Motor Insurance
  • How do I obtain a quotation?

    Quotations can be obtained online by clicking here, or by telephoning Hencilla Canworth on 020 8686 5050, lines are open 9am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.